#3 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

After multiple studies that demonstrated to Microsoft that the consumers prefer to completely extinguish the system in PCs as as much portable instead of to let it in way suspension or hibernation and in this way not spend anything of energy nor the life utility of the battery, the product equipment of Windows 8 had all the information necessary to create a new system of completely innovating starting.

Although in Windows 7 the product equipment realized great trabaajo in the system of starting with many improvements, the final solution of Windows 8 will be the hybrid starting that mixes the benefits of a beginning in traditional cold and the renewal of the hibernation state.

Note: For more information on the system of ignition and extinguished of Microsoft Windows, you can go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg463386 To Read more�

List of solutions within last the Service Pack de Windows Live Hotmail

The majority of you you know perfectly what is a Service Pack (a set of patches that they update, corrects and improves applications and operating systems), the packages of updates more known Microsoft go directed to Windows Client/Server and important applications like Visual Studio, although they are not the unique ones in receiving these improvements.

Windows Live Hotmail is another one of the consumption products that receive this type of packages although they publicly do not announce the consumer, and the same does not have to realize any step to install it.

Last the Service Pack for new the Windows Live Hotmail sent at the beginning of summer contains important improvements that we will see next, the objective of this article is that you know a deeper way as it works within the engineering equipment of Windows Live Hotmail

Note #1: The Service Packs take a pair of days in directly reaching all the million users through the servants of Windows Live Hotmail. To Read more�

Special Cover event BUILD [13-16 September]

Hello to tod@s! We Are to so to a few days that it possibly takes the most important event in the last years of Microsoft, and as podia not to be of another form, from the blog we have elaborated a special programming with multiple initiatives beginning for the occasion.

Complete direct cover in of event BUILD Windows that will be celebrated in Anaheim, California from the 13 to the 16 of September through blog, the new account of the community in Twitter https://twitter.com/MSWindowsHouse with hashtag #esbldwin and the channel of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fco.martingarcia

We Are Going to have during the event one long list of new features on Windows 8 + IE10 + HTML5 along with some other surprises that we cannot keep awake at the moment, for that reason and taking advantage of the thousands questions that the consumers are going to have on the new product big wave of Microsoft Windows, we have created the initiative Twitter BUILD Support Chat. To Read more�

#2 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

The explorer of Windows (not to confuse with IE) is and will be always one of the main parts of the operating systems of Microsoft, and as it could not be of another form, the equipment of development of Windows 8 has carried out a great work exponentially to improve the experience of the user :)

The objectives of the new explorer of Windows 8 have been divided in 3 fundamental groups:

1. The explorer is optimized for the tasks of administration of the archives: With the passage of the years, the uses that we have given the explorer of Windows have been changing, with the arrival of Windows 8 the explorer will return to his roots to exert efficiently like administrator of the archives. To Read more�

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